Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ian may

I've had a soft spot for Ian Hart ever since Backbeat - because without looking the least bit like John Lennon, he managed to pull off that role astoundingly well. Certainly better than the lad in the new Lennon biopic.

And, being an actress of sorts meself, I know the feeling of wanting to smack people in the auditorium who can't keep their bloody gobs shut.

Of course I don't. But Ian may.

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mikeovswinton said...

You didn't check out the Kevin Rowland story in the Dexy's book? When in the middle of "Soon", just after the bit where he sings "No need for pain, nothing physical, no violence - just intense thought, some space, some silence", without missing a beat he shouted at some hapless lad in the audience who had the effrontery to talk during a Runners' gig - "If you don't shut up I'm going to come down and ***king lamp you." And he would have done, you know. But I think the lad shut up.