Sunday, November 01, 2009

A message from the past (or: Richard Dawkins slandered by German bishop)

There's so much wrong in the attack that Cardinal Joachim Meisner, Bishop of Cologne, launched against godless Dawkins in his All Saint's Day sermon that even the attempt to unravel this jumble of flawed, stupid prejudice seems futile:

"Ähnlich wie einst die Nationalsozialisten im einzelnen Menschen primär nur den Träger des Erbgutes seiner Rasse sahen, definiert auch der Vorreiter der neuen Gottlosen, der Engländer Richard Dawkins, den Menschen als 'Verpackung der allein wichtigen Gene', deren Erhaltung der vorrangige Zweck unseres Daseins sei ...."
("Like the Nazis, who saw the individual primarily as a carrier of his race's genes, the pioneer of the new atheists, the Briton Richard Dawkins defines human beings as 'containers for genes', whose preservation he considers to be the ultimate rationale for our existence.")
Sigh. Sometimes life is like hitting your head against a concrete wall, repeatedly. And I've been having a headbanging hell of a time lately, even without this benighted nonsense.


Robin Edgar said...

I am not sure if this alleged "benighted nonsense" of Cardinal Joachim Meisner is all *that* more benighted than some of the flawed, stupid and prejudiced things that Richard Dawkins and other intolerant and bigoted Atheist Supremacists have said about religion and God believing people.

Let me know if you find any flaws in The Atheist Supremacist's Song.

Auf weidersehen,

Robin Edgar

Robin Edgar said...

BTW Judging from some of the links from your blog, you may know a bit about the alleged "slander" that the German Unitarian religious community served as a front group for Nazi ideologues following WWII right up to the 1980s and even 1990s if not the present. I am all ears if you know something about the truth, or lack thereof, of these disturbing allegations made by German anti-fascist groups. Feel free to comment on this Emerson Avenger blog post -

Was The Deutsche Unitarier Religionsgemeinschaft Subverted By Neo-Nazi Ideologues, Including Former SS Officers Convicted Of War Crimes?

WVC = stingo

The Wife said...

Look Robin - I have a headache already. So would you please stop bothering me with your faulty comparisons of apples and bananas. Methinks you and Meisner would go along like a house on fire - so why don't you just go and play with him.

Aaron Strontsman said...

"... the pioneer of the new atheists, ..."
Interesting translation.

Übrigens: Captcha is "proles."

Aaron Strontsman said...

Technically right, of course, still, the connotation is a different one.