Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday horror

Loyal (and sympathetic) readers out there might have been wondering why a person like myself me would be so acerbic angry, bitter and enraged, when clearly I ought to be happy as Larry?

It's Zolaesque aesthetics of my early media training in the 1970s, stupid!

The disturbing evidence:

Die Sendung mit der Maus (German children's programme), 1972. No joking - this was shown on a Sunday morning on TV.

For children.

Small wonder that the more sensitive of our students find me a tad sarcastic. This is the kind of realist fodder that forever makes you immune to Prinzessin Lillifee and adolescent Vampire kitsch.


Bone meal.


Francis Sedgemore said...

To those readers who've never had the pleasure of meeting Frau Professor Doktor Müller-Wood in the flesh, I can assure you that the grumpy-puss persona on show here is just that – a show. Anja is in reality an annoyingly cheerful soul, with not a bad word for anyone. Honest.

The Wife said...


Alyx Sands said...

I just want to add that I *like* sarcasm. I really do. And I appreciate it in people as well. Sarcasm, exceptional wit and knowledge is what I admire in people I work for (meaning, I would love to have Frau Professor as head of dept. again soon.)

Geoff Coupe said...

Wonderful stuff. Should be required viewing for children. Too many of the little blighters think that meat magically appears in supermarkets.

The Wife said...

Oh Ms Sands - and here's me soooo relieved that I'm free at last!

I have an inkling, though, that our provincial little Bedlam might keep me busy for a while - leading to the continuous honing of what you deem my particular skills (Knowledge? Moi?) to maintain my sanity.

I must say, however, that I seriously believe that Die Sendung mit der Maus (in its early phase) was truly valuable preparation for the realities of life. Today it's just annoyingly cuddly and pc, but in them days - man, did bakers still bake bread and bin men empty bins in Germany!

So I agree with Geoff: required viewing, absolutely! There is a world out there in which people get their hands very dirty indeeed.