Monday, September 28, 2009

Paint it black (and yellow)

OK, a few more things election-oriented, before we move on...

First, to my own surprise, I have found something rather fascinating and worthwhile in Germany's sensationalist tabloid Bild: an interactive map showing how different electoral districts voted, viewable on either a national or federal-state level, and selectable by party.

This is how things panned out locally:

And, while the success of the SED PDS 'the Left' has been remarkable (and probably the single greatest blow to the social democrats), it's notable that their popularity is...well, let's just say somewhat regional.

Second, very unsurprisingly, I have found Ario making insightful comments at his blog. Among other things:

Anyone notice that Germany will now be reigned by a female chancellor and an openly gay vice-chancellor? And it’s not even an issue.

This is a good point that -- probably because it's not really an issue -- I hadn't considered.

Finally, it seems that Guido Westerwelle (the said likely future foreign minister/vice-chancellor) doesn't like to speak English.

One can understand why.

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