Thursday, September 24, 2009

'The knowledge of German...must be widespread throughout the people.'

A missive from Britain's Daily Herald, 1929:


'Too Much French Taught in Our Schools'

Too much French and too little German and Spanish is taught in English secondary schools, according to the Board of Education, which in a report issued yesterday states that at the school certificate examinations in 1928 the number of students offered French was 54,273; German, 3,837; and Spanish, only 719.

Stressing the fact that Germany is again one of the leading commercial countries, the Committee states that 'if Germany after the war is still enterprising, industrious, highly organised, formidable no less in trade than in arms, we cannot afford to neglect or ignore her for a moment; we cannot leave any of her activities unstudied. The knowledge of German by specialists will not suffice; it must be widespread throught the people.'

The importance of German to commercial students is being considered by the Board of Education, and a further report will be issued.

The Daily Herald, 18 September 1929, p. 3

Some issues are evergreen, it would seem.


full fin said...

nice post
keep writing
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and do the best forr all

KB Player said...

History repeats itself and repeats itself. in fact is on a loop. Some Board or Institute produces a report saying that the British should learn to speak another language. The British go on not learning to speak another language. Happens every year.

Mikeovswinton, reminiscin' said...

The interesting thing here are the proportions between French, German and Spanish. I suspect that there would be a very big difference today. The Brits DO learn languages. Its just that they learn the easy ones for ordering beers when on holiday. Only joking.....or am I? (copyright V.Reeves Esq circa 1990. The Big Night Out. Are any bits of that on Youtube? Smell yourself well? What's on the end of the stick, Vic?)

mikeovswinton's big night out said...

I guess I should have written "we" instead of "they", despite the fact that I have studied German and know not a single word in Spanish. I just couldn't let it lie. (Sorry, I'm still in Vic Reeves Big Night Out mode. There's shed loads of the good stuff on Youtube - even Lister! And Les. And the man with the Stick. And Action Image Exchange.)