Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A dispatch from the George Romero Institute of Brain Resarch

Trusting Geoff Coupe's judgment when it comes to recommending good articles, videos, photos, etc., I immediately clicked on what he promised to be a 'terrific article' on a brain institute's research work on mapping that important little organ in our skulls.

Geoff's right: the article is interesting. So, thanks Geoff!

But when you first arrive at it, you are greeted by a quite...striking?...photograph of a lab technician slicing into a brain with what appears to be a...bread knife.

You have been warned.

At least I know what I'm going to be dreaming about for the next month or so.

Article, and grisly brain picture, available here.


The Wife said...

More Luis Bunuel, like.

Geoff Coupe said...

Oops, sorry about that. Will try and flag links that may be unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition in future. :-)

J. Carter Wood said...

Thanks, Geoff.

Your efforts to avoid unnecessary attacks of the vapours are much appreciated. :-)