Monday, March 02, 2009

Feminine discrimination

As The Wife noted, we were in Britain last week, and -- along with getting a lot of research done -- we also saw some good friends and did some interesting things outside the libraries in which we were working. Details, if we get around to it, might follow.

(Andrew Hammel has given a pretty fair run-down of an interesting talk by Cory Doctorow that we attended. Many thanks to Chris for letting me know about the lecture.)

Along with (an astonishingly vast amount of) project-related material, my trawl through the newspaper archives brought up a lot of bycatch that is either intriguing, amusing or appalling -- or some combination thereof -- which I will be sharing as time allows.

For now, I leave you with this somehow delightful Daily Herald (London) newspaper advert from 1929. It appeared shortly before that year's general election, the first in which British women participated with voting rights equal to men's. (Click for larger version.)

Daily Herald, 20 May 1929, p. 3.

Ten for sixpence: those were the days, eh?

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