Monday, December 10, 2007

The (semi-) naked (and hopping) truth

We're off to foreign places for a few days starting tomorrow, but we wanted to note a couple of happifying things for a change. (On the principle that joy is all the more meaningful when it comes unexpectedly.)

First, a photo series from Der Spiegel, featuring a calendar made by doctors from a cancer research institute in Naples. (Click on the block of images about halfway down the article to see the photos.)

The interesting feature: the doctors appear in their underwear. It's far from being the sexiest calendar you could imagine (as the following photo suggests), but it certainly has a charm all its own. And is for a good cause.

Second, the first film showing the long-eared jerboa living in the wild (in fact, the Gobi Desert) have made for mirthful viewing. Of course, there is more than a twinge of sadness involved, as they are also endangered (though rather less so than Italian doctors...though about as furry).

Still...if you're looking for a last-minute Christmas gift, I can think of a lot worse.

The site from which this adorable little picture comes (I know, I know, we can't just save the cute animals, but if you're looking for a poster child you're not going to choose something scaly or worm-like, are you?) is that of Edge (no, not that Edge, this one stands for Evolutionarily Distinct, Globally Endangered).

They seem like good people.

Till the weekend...

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