Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A great leap forward

There was a remarkably enthusiastic (and surprising!) reaction to the postmodern propaganda game we devised a week ago, which involves combining images from Chinese Communist political posters with postmodern academic waffle.

We had some nice feedback and lots of visitors (thanks particularly to links from David and Ophelia) and there were several people who came up with their own creations.

Some participants bent the rules a bit, in particular because they had no obfuscatory postmodern feminist texts to hand. This is the kind of practical-mindedness of which we here in the Central Committee fully approve.

But we wonder: what...not everyone has some Irigaray, Kristeva and Butler within easy reach? This might be right-wing deviationism of the most counter-revolutionary sort...

So, to make things simpler, we think any passage from the leading lights of Theory (we think we should limit ourselves to the vanguard here) that combines muddied thinking, incomprehensible jargon, faulty philosophical assumptions, and a facile and self-regarding presumption of 'subversion' (especially if it has a 'post-' attached to it) makes a delightful caption for one of the very fine posters from the collection to which we linked.

Most importantly of all, of course: have fun!

Entries so far:

Gwyn: '...a journey to the dark portals of life...'
Geoff: '...restoring erection in the ageing penis...' (image)
Rob: '...no fully (as opposed to partially) comprehensive doctrine...'
Michael: 'The discipline of the workshop...' (image)
Norm: '...a priori surfaces of emergence of antagonisms...' (image) (I have to say, this is one of my favourite images.)
Dale: '...far removed from the realm of interest...'

(If there are any I've missed, let me know and I'll update the list.)

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