Saturday, October 06, 2007

Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft

As the wife (somewhat insistently) tells, me, today is German-American Day.

She's German, I'm American, so we feel--in some way--that this was a holiday made for us. The fact that it was originated by none other than our shared number one hero Ronald Reagan, makes it all the more special.

So...we...well, we hope you had a good time today. And, uh,...drank some beer. And maybe went to one of those many 'German-American Day Clearance Sale' sales. And, uh, drank some more beer. (Come on, it's Oktoberfest...)

Taking account of its birth in what we of a certain age remember as the Cold War, we offer two remembrances of that era: one in German, one in English.

Nena, '99 Luftballons' (I analysed this song, as I recall, in German class, circa 1986)

Peter Schilling, 'Major Tom'

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