Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A fabulous new party game...

[UPDATE: a list of participants and a slight relaxation in the rules is provided here.]

OK, The Wife and I have come up with something fun and innovative to do with your spare time.

1. Take one of the Chinese propaganda posters referred to in the previous post.

2. Go to bookshelf and find postmodern feminist tract of your choice (our preferred plaything is Judith Butler)

3. Flick pages and stop at random.

4. Place finger upon open page. Treat the selected sentence as a caption for the chosen Chinese propaganda poster.

This is our first result. We like. We like very much.

'Libidinal dependency and powerlessness is phantasmatically overcome by the installation of a boundary and, hence, a hypostacized center which produces an idealized bodily ego; that integrity and unity is achieved through the ordering of a wayward motility or disaggregated sexuality not yet restrained by the boundaries of individuation.' (Judith Butler, Bodies That Matter, 75)

A perfect match, we think. Now that is gender trouble.

OK, now it's your turn.


GR said...

This is a great game!

Here's my effort.


J. Carter Wood said...

Thanks Gwyn!

And we like your effort very much...


Geoff Coupe said...

Judging by the fact that I found Butler's sentence impossible to understand, I suspect that it is a blessing that I do not possess any postmodern feminist tracts.

I'm afraid that I must rely on more traditional feminist writings, so I pulled out my copy of Germaine Greer's "The Change". I also cheated a little on the game - I found the sentence first and then selected the most suitable image.

The result? Well, the image is number 23: "Ni ban shi, wo fang xin", and the line: "The female equivalent of restoring erection in the ageing penis is understood by both as restoring turgidity in the breast".

Great game!

J. Carter Wood said...


Yeah..we find it pretty incomprehensible too. But that makes the free-floating associative possibilities all the more vast and liberating, dontcha think?

The judges, by the way, approve of your rule modification...and the result.

And you receive extra points for managing to use the word 'turgidity', which is one of our favourites.

Well done!

Michael said...


"The discipline of the workshop, while remaining a way of enforcing respect for the regulations and authorities, of preventing thefts or losses, tends to increase aptitudes, speeds, output and therefore profits; it still exerts a moral influence over their behavior, but more and more it treats actions in terms of their results, introduces bodies into machinery, forces into an economy."

[Sorry, the po-mo feminists are all at the wife's office]

J. Carter Wood said...


Excellent. The game is, of course, open-source, so it can be adapted to any context.

By the way, where's the quote from?

Thanks for participating!