Thursday, July 12, 2007

The vital 5 percent

Although I think the idea of websites that enable people share their innate creativity with millions--those like, say, Flickr--I normally don't spend any time looking at them, since...well, most people are not, in the end, all that innately creative.

(See 95% of what's on YouTube. Or most realise I'm moving on to thin ice here, so I'll just stop now, shall I?)

However, A General Theory of Rubbish does us all a great service by pointing out a delightful set of photos (sorry, 'photostream') taken by 'Martinish'.

It contains, for instance, many scenes from everyday life in Britain (and, based on my incomplete browsing, several from abroad).

Among others, it includes this fine photo of the Barbican Centre, which nicely brings out the ways that it is both wondrous and hideous at the same time. (I go back and forth on whether I'd rather live there or see the thing demolished.) Some others capture something truly...British: for example, 'sunday', 'market cafe' and 'bowling green'.

And there are many other themes as well.

Thank you, Martinish, for helping to confirm my theory that while 95% of things are crap it is that other 5% that helps make life worth living.

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