Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm not sorry there's nothing to say

The Wife and I settled down to watch Wong Kar-wai's film 2046 just the other night, which she gave me as a very welcome birthday gift not all that long ago.

We had both enjoyed his earlier film In the Mood For Love, and 2046--which is, in a sense, its sequel--certainly lived up to its predecessor, mixing wistful and romantic with cruel and sexy (and combining dreaminess with hard-edged realism) in a way that few films manage (and which even fewer attempt).

Stories of love lost or chances not taken, even when they're beautiful, are brutal, and of all the terrifying forces in the world, maybe one of the most frightening is simple contingency.

Which, somehow, maybe not quite by chance, leads me to this song, which I've liked since I first heard it and which the film made me think of:

('Your Ex-Lover is Dead' by Stars)

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