Friday, February 17, 2012

See no evil?

The German President, Christian Wulff announced today that he would resign, in the wake of accusations that he has, over the years, gotten just a little bit too much help from his friends.

This is not a surprise.

I'm wondering, though, whether this was really the best picture the Guardian could find to accompany its story:

Perhaps it was a wry commentary on the blindness of the powerful?


Anyway, it would all be very exciting...if the scandal itself were not so boring: even the name for the alleged wrong, 'Vorteilsannahme im Amt' sort of puts you to sleep.

I bet Silvio Berlusconi is laughing his ass off...


The Honourable Husband said...

"I bet Silvio Berlusconi is laughing his ass off..."

What a pleasant picture that paints in one's head!

John Carter Wood said...

All images of Silvio are pleasant....

Perhaps 'Vorteilsannahme' is the correct German translation for 'Bunga-Bunga'?