Thursday, December 01, 2011

'You are John Carter of Earth?'

Why, yes I am!

But this guy's experiences bear only a glancing similarity with my own.

But I remember, from my youth, his books and comics, and I've blogged about him before.

And man, does Mars look hostile.


Mr. Joyboy said...

The proper response is "(cough) Dr. John Carter."

Having seen the real John Carter of earth, I can confirm the bit about gravity-defying leaps and expert swordsmanship.

"You are ugly, but you are beautiful!".

Unknown said...

Dejah Thoris is (sadly) not impressed by titles, only by proficiency with weapons.

Speaking of which: My swordsmanship has suffered recently as I've focused more on the firearms. And as to the leaps: well, none of us are as young as we once were.

But, yes, I am both ugly and beautiful, so if the shoe fits...

The Husband said...

Only one John Carter ventured to shift his all his worldly possessions from one plane of existence to the other via MAIL! A feat, only a mad novelist could dream up.