Friday, July 01, 2011

On Chesil Road

For work reasons, I spend a fair amount of time in London, and whenever I'm there I spend a fair amount of time along Euston Road (largely because the British Library and St. Pancras Station are located on it).

The Wife and I have come simply to refer to it as The Worst Road in the World, as it is perpetually jammed and loud and crossing it can take what seems like an eternity if you wait for the lights (like good Germans do) or like some kind of crazy death-defying stunt if you don't.

Hence, I rather like this plan:

From 22 September the installation White Sound, created by the American sound artist Bill Fontana, will fill the street with the sound of the sea and the unique beach, an 18-mile long pebble bank which is part of the Jurassic Coast world heritage site.

Now, if were possible to navigate Euston Road with one's eyes shut, this would be perfect...


Mikeovswinton said...

How can Euston Road be the worst road in the world? The two best things in London are found just off it; Ravi Shankar's Indian Restaurant (in Drummond St), and, of course, the train to Manchester.

John Carter Wood said...

Rest assured, Mike, my comments were aimed solely at the hideous metallic river that wends its way through that part of town and not the various delightful things one finds along its banks.

Among others, as I noted, the BL and St. Pancras (i.e., the train 'to Europe'); however, one might also name Regent's Park and, indeed, the Wellcome Collection building itself.

You certainly do find the train to Manchester along there as well...but that's the same place from which one catches the train to Milton Keynes. So I'm rather wondering whether they cancel each other out.

mikeovswinton, and Europe said...

Oh yeah, the train(s) to Europe. Forgot about that. You may use it more than I do, but its getting quite familiar. Can't wait for the London-Cologne direct. 2 hours to London, then 4 to Cologne and the best espresso on the planet. (Galestros in - or rather under- the HBF). Once went to MK. Not sure I'll do that again in a hurry.
What about some more Sweet Pea Atkinson round here?