Friday, May 06, 2011

Save the date

Perhaps wanting to get their apocalypse in before the Mayan one due next year, a band of Christians is apparently seeking to let the world know of their conviction that the world will end in a couple of weeks.

More specifically 21 May.

At around 6 p.m.

Their RV Caravan of Doom pulled into Washington, DC this week to spread the word about the predictions of Harold Camping, who, it seems, already predicted (in 1992) that the world would end in 1994.

A nice detail from the Washington Post article: lunchtime Thursday, about 50 area residents joined up with the caravan to support his message. Among them was Gary Vollmer, who took a leave of absence from the Department of Homeland Security to spread the word. He’s supposed to go back on May 23. “But I’m not going back,” he said. “I’ll be gone on the 21st.”

Still, not all of them seem quite so certain:

Another man was so perturbed by the May 21 message that he brought over a woman he found on the street who needed money. He asked whether the Camping followers would give her some cash, because there was no need for them to keep money with the world ending. They did not.

Oh, and as to that 6 p.m. timing, don't worry about figuring it out in relation to your own time-zone, as God has worked out this apocalypse to be as convenient as possible:

The end will come sometime around 6 p.m. on May 21 — not 6 p.m. California time or New York time or Hong Kong time. The world will end at 6 p.m. only when it is 6 p.m. locally, Camping said, citing his calculations. “People will see this coming to them from around the world,” he said. “It will follow the sun around.”



Marcellina said...

Have you seen

Brilliant. I had thought of this once, but wouldn't have been able to make it happen.

But a few questions: do I have to send in an rsvp? Will there be a choice of chicken or pasta? Will I need to bring a gift?

Unknown said...

Oh yeah. We commented on the apocalypse assistance for your pets a while back.

As to the other questions, I'll have to take a pass: not really my area, you see.

Though I'm sure Mr. Camping would be able to answer your questions.

But I'm not convinced that a conversation with him would be in any way enjoyable.

Ario said...

Stell Dir vor, es ist Weltuntergang und keiner geht hin.

I am.

The weather's gonna be good, the BBQ is polished and ready on the balcony, and with all those evangelicals gone it's promising to be a grand old party.