Monday, January 17, 2011

Good morning Britain

Quite good stuff, as is to be expected, from Charlie Brooker today:

"There are millions of people in Alarm Clock Britain," Clegg writes. "People, like Sun readers, who have to get up every morning and work hard to get on in life."

Basically, Alarm Clock Britain consists of people who use alarm clocks. That counts me out, because I wake each morning to the sound of my own despairing screams. Which I guess makes me part of Scream Wake Britain – a demographic Clegg has chosen to ignore.

I find that the point at which politicians start droning on about about the sacrifices of ordinary people who...uh...get up and go to work is essentially the point at which they might as well admit that they really don't have anything useful to contribute to the debate.

To any debate.

It's rather equivalent to defending your policy by saying 'think of the children', i.e., an admission of intellectual bankruptcy.

Although I have to say Nick Clegg has suprised me in at least one way: I never thought I'd find him more embarrassing than David Cameron.

Other than being positively disposed towards Germany, I can't say that Nick has much going for him these days.

And, given that he's in some way tarnishing us Germans by association with his silly pandering to Sun readers, I think he's best start Mentioning the War pretty soon, so as to save us some embarrassment.


The Honourable Husband said...

Rich people have alarm clocks, too. Just sayin'.

John Carter Wood said...

And very nice ones, too, or so I've heard.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the title I was hoping for some Aztec Camera / Mick Jones related info.

Chris Williams

John Carter Wood said...

Yeah, that's how I lure our readers in.

How else do you think I can trick people into stopping by?

Caveat lector, man.