Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The metal concert at the end of the universe, and other poems

As is oft his wont, John Darnielle has been writing poetry about metal bands.

I've quite enjoyed a couple of his recent offerings: 'the temple at the end of the cosmos' (on Ride for Revenge) and 'sacred worlds' (on Blind Guardian).

Related: JD talks such topics with The Believer.

And explains here, that death metal rules.


Alyx Sands said...

The one about Blind Guardian (whose singer really, REALLY needs to work on his pronunciation!) has the words "fucking pyramid" in it. I declare that a Major Win!

Your ever faithful admin servant,

Alexandra V.

(You'll find out about the servant bit once you teach your class next semester!)

John Carter Wood said...


His comment on Abcess's Dawn of Inhumanity is even more winning (and also includes pyramids):

"Its cover, on which hooded illuminati carry an enthroned eyeball down a red carpet across a desert from whose sandy expanse rise occasional pyramids, inscrutable and vast, lit by the red sun behind them which is also an eyeball, is also something of a masterpiece."

And I think there are extra points for the consideration given to the "inner lives of giants".

That's rare these days.