Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Crazier than the craziest satirist’s dreams"

There are lots of responses that are possible to today's march for 'honor', or whatever, in Washington, DC.

One of the ones I've found most insightful comes from MGK:

These guys have found the exploit that allows them to game the system of civilized conduct. That’s why irony is dead: Stephen Colbert and his fellow comedians are trying to make an absurd statement in a serious way, but all they can ever hope to do is match the stuff Glenn Beck is trying to say for real. You can’t even make fun of these guys, because they’re crazier than the craziest satirist’s dreams. All you can really do is hope that people get smart enough to see through their bullshit, and that’s a pipe dream.

Someone broke human behavior. We need a patch.

Sadly, I don't think such a patch is going to be available soon.

Further insight.

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