Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grattis till bröloppet!

I simply love royal weddings. They always provide wonderful opportunities for the deployment of long-forgotten lexical treasures dug up from the murky depths of our linguistic unconscious.

Underused words such as "Schaluppe." As in "Die königliche Schaluppe" (i.e. "the royal sloop"). Like the one visible in the background of this wedding snapshot:

Now this is, you will agree, a mighty fine word. And the boat itself isn't bad either - the kind of object you won't ever get at IKEA's.

There's only one song to go with this, of course, which I hereby dedicate to Princess Victoria of Sweden and Commoner Daniel:


mikeovswinton, nippin to lilly's said...

Ashton under lyne Ikea do a very nice flat pack Billy sloop that you can get in the back of your car, and then nip over to Lilly's for the best vegetarian indian in the north west.
Some of this is actually true. Might be the stuff about Ikea, then again Ikea don't do deep fried muffins with the centre hollowed out and replaced by mashed potato. Sounds terrible but tastes strangely nice.

The Wife said...

And who assembles the sloop?

And does it come with gilding, tassles and guys in spats?

mikeovswinton said...

Its Ikea! YOU assemble it. The extras you pick up in the Marketplace section, with those nice people in Blue and Yellow helping you select them.