Friday, June 11, 2010

Everybody check for swamp leeches

Jacques Cousteau was born 100 years ago. He is remembered by people of a certain age group not only for bringing the myterious beauty of the ocean to their notice at an impressionable age (thus fostering a powerful infatuation with molluscs and crustaceans).*

He also was a master of effortless French chic:

Until Wes Anderson came along and shattered the Cousteau Supremacy. Well, sort of:

*I am, actually, not joking. Cousteau probably helped pave the way for the Green Movement and I clearly remember developing a certain awareness about nature - that the oceans are worlds of their own full of wonderful life forms even on the level of zooplankton, that fish stocks are not endless, that we are in the process of destroying these environments - thanks to his documentaries.

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