Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Swingometre Stops Here

I do love that headline - it's so 1951:

It was probably concocted by Cameron's spindoctor creative advisor Philip Blond, who also came up with the following lines:

Cameron is crafting a politics of meaning that speaks to something more wanted and more needed than welfarism or speculative enrichment: it is the common project that the state has destroyed - nothing less than the recovery of the society we have lost and the creation of the society that we want.

Poetry, pure poetry. And heroic, too. Not since The Fairie Queene has there been such stirring eulogising. The Goliath of the nanny state vs heroic S. David à Cameron: The Redcrosse Friend of the daffodil, the robin and the motorist.

Or is it more: "I am David, Friend of the Motorist!" along the lines of the following:


the Right Rev Mikeovswinton said...

Phillip "Red Tory" Blond rendered into English;

The Rich man in his castle
The poor man at his gate
God made them rich and lowly
and ordererd their estate.

And that, I'd suggest, is about that with him.

The Wife said...

Spot on, Mike, spot on.

Sad thing is, though, that this kind of stuff seems to return periodically in the U bloody K. Or Engeland. Or Albion.

Who d'you think will win tomorrow?

mikeovswinton said...

My father was an old style Social Gospel Non-conformist Christian, taught by people who thought that Lloyd George was doing the Lord's work down here on Earth (how he laughed when the truth came out..., though the People's Budget was still worth a mention)and that verse used to send him wild with anger.

Tomorrow; well, a good friend who has retired and spends a lot of time on the right bits of t'internet suggested to me today that it will be in the region of; 35% Tory, 30/32 Labour and 22 or so LD. The guy he follows has been calling the polls right for four weeks now and that's his view for tomorrow. I tend to trust him and suggest we see come friday how close he is.

the justifiably somewhat smug mikeovswinton said...

Well, where are the congrats on my getting more nearly damn right than just about any other journo/blogger/chatterati on the block, then?

mikeovswinton said...

That would getting IT etc etc.