Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Das Internet bildet doch!

This is what you find when you google "Blockflötenmusik - Barock - Anfänger"*:

Blockflöte des Todes, "Happy Birthday Jesus"


* After catching a couple of sonatas by Baroque composer Jean Baptiste Loeillet de Gant on the radio, I had a sudden urge to put my dildoesque pink plastic recorder (which I bought a few years ago in Abbeville) to use again and flitted around the web for sheet music.


Alyx Sands said...

These are hilarious! I need to get out my perfectly normal-looking dark wooden recorder and start playing again I think! I have to admit that pink one looks tempting though...
Have you tried asking Prof Siebald to join his choir with some recorder tunes?

Your ever-humble administrative servant,

The Wife said...

We could have an anti-choir of sorts, with more neon-Yamahas (they're dirt cheap and super flashy), mini-Casios and lots of cowbell.

Maybe at the next "Night of the Profs", instead of boring lectures, we should have muscial interludes, juggling and dancing dogs. Now THAT would make a difference.

Greetings from another academic slave (we're all in the same boat ...)

peter said...

quite horrible, these two videos. really, really horrible.