Tuesday, March 23, 2010

La La La for Spring

Yael Naim has written a very nice little song here, methinks:

"New Soul"


Mademoiselle Catherine said...

Oh yes ! She's a wonderful artist, and a fantastic young woman : I was lucky enough to meet her a couple of years ago, and she's absolutely delicious !
Thank you for this shiny song :)

The Wife said...

Wow, you know her personally? Small world! She really _is_ good. She looks a little like Norah Jones, but truly is far, far, far more interesting.

Mademoiselle Catherine said...

I didn't say that I "know" her, but I had a small chat with her on a festival a couple of years ago. And she's definitely as lovely as her music, yes she is!

lily said...

wonderful artist I have to agree...if you like her and this song you should also check out 'Mushaboom' by Feist. And if you are into spring mood songs, the newest Noah and the Whale album called 'The First Fay of Spring'is more than worth to listen to. And last but not least my favourite artist at the moment is Florence and the Machine who I got to meet at a festival in February and here is goes:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IuEQzn0r5Y enjoy xx