Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ménage à trois muscial

"P. J. Harvey - never got into her", says John. And I sort of agree: I find her to be one of those whimpering, simpering girls carrying the woes of the world on their bony shoulders (when they're not masochistically chasing some abusive Byronic Hero) - like Tori Amos.

So I'm not likely to find this new track as "hypnotising" as all the frenzied fans who have left their comments on YouTube:

P.J. Harvey, Black Hearted Lover

But what bothers me most about this song is that it sounds like stuff I've heard before. Don't you agree that towards the end (as from 2:40) it is a bit like a cross between this and this:

Franz Ferdinand, Take Me Out

NB: This is probably the only blog that boldly, indeed unflinchingly, dares to fuse Keane and Franz.

Having said that, from an evolutionary perspective my discovery of derivativeness of any kind is really a cognitive pleasure tickling my brain's instinctive need to make out patterns and find resemblances in the informative chaos around me.

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Geoff Coupe said...

I should at the outset say that I have not watched the video. I came to this decision after reading the Chapman Brothers' article on the making of the video.

The phrase "Jumping the Shark" comes to mind.

I think they should have stuck to manipulating tiny plastic figures into a vison of hell.