Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So this is what the volume knob's for...

Ladies and gents, an important warning:

"The nation has been hypnotized by the swaying and the gesturing of the Watusi and the Frug."

Brought to you by the late -- and not so lamented in these quarters -- Jesse Helms.

This horrifying vision of dance-oriented social decay is among the more innocuous of his comments across a long political career. More of which are documented at Obsidian Wings. (via LG&M) Further insight into Helms's history is provided by Christopher Hitchens at Slate.

Just as useful information to help you avoid the above-mentioned threat to the American Way of Life, I present you with the terrifying moral decadence of the Watusi...

...and the Frug:

(Were that Helms's panic had only been justified: in that case, we'd be heirs to a far more groovy -- if slightly more twitchy -- nation than the one we have....)

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