Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hadrien's walk

So this French bloke, like, called Hadrien - just finished high school - has this really awesome idea: he wants to spend four months hiking through France, accompanied by a cow called "Camomille". And during this time he will mainly feed on the plants he finds growing by the wayside. Like his cow.

One hell of a cool diet plan.

But I kind of like the sound of it.

UPDATE: Quite a few people have found this blog by searching for Hadrien and Camomille. Hello, welcome, do come back. On that note: quite a few people still find us via "Philip Lahm naked, married, girlfriend, whatever." Pfui! We don't do that kind of stuff. Yesterday we still came tops in the Google search (which consisted of - essentially - us), today, there are plenty of hits and links to more extensive articles about this endeavour. Such as in Libération and Tribune de Genève.

To quote Hadrien (which I hadn't done before, but he deserves it - crazy guy): «Ce qui est sympa dans le voyage, c’est que nous partons à deux» because the presence of his cow «va faciliter le contact avec les gens».

Bon voyage and good luck!

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