Friday, August 10, 2007

(Not) too old to rock and roll...

Sincere Obscene Desserts congratulations to musician (and salmon farmer) Ian Anderson, who turns 60 today.

Jethro Tull was one of the important influences in my misspent youth, though that was already some time after the band were at their peak, creatively speaking (the 80s saw some good songs, but a little too much misguided experimentation with synths...but, hey, that was what the 80s were all about).

But albums such as Aqualung, Living in the Past, Thick as a Brick and Minstrel in the Gallery received heavy rotation on the old gramophone, and, I can testify that they were a great live band.

I even had a chance to speak to the band once...though I regret that I wasted that opportunity (through teenage nervousness) by asking a rather silly question. Sorry Ian.

For your listening pleasure, something from the early, bluesy days ('Back to the Family', 1969, in Stockholm).

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