Friday, November 17, 2006

'I'm candidate from shoulder': or, 'In winter wrestle architects will prepare plans of structures of ways.'

Last weekend, Krzysztof Kononowicz stood as the mayoral candidate of a Polish far-right party for the city of Bialystok. According to Spiegel Online, he was locally known as the 'Frankenstein of the Nationalists', who hoped to be the power behind his throne in case he had won.

He lost.

But his campaign video is very...intriguing. There are, first of all, his appearance and body language. And...then there is that sweater.

One version has been given English subtitles which add to the...poetry. Here is an edited selection of his free verse:

I have graduate trade school as driver, mechanic.

I have mother...
I have brother...
Dady is dead but dady is very my deserved. He was fighting for Warsaw...he was fighting for Poland...He was fighting for god, but no father is here...he has gone. As I say he has changed place of living.
Kononowicz's main aim is to improve his derelict hometown, which, to be honest, sounds like Chicago in the 1920s:
In order to there was not bandits, theft that it was nothing.

Ours plants in Bialystock are smash. [...] So as Spomash in Strosielce.

And I want too move out police to the streets. I want to move out police.

There will not be tatter. They will be only people.

And on spring we will go out with structure. [**Yes, yes, The Wife sighs wistfully, April is the cruelest month....]

And the drivers will be to by police punished rigorously. For alcohol, cigarettes, for everything.

And it is worth to vote on me, because I'm man really honest and fair.

I will do everything. Because I'm person beliving and practicing. [In other words: I'm just a soul whose intentions are good...Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.] And I know how to do this. How to improve ways. How everything. How to liquidate cigarettes. How to liquidate all!

Total destruction is the only solution? Ahhh...right-wing brainstorming in action is a breathtaking thing to behold.

Breaking a few eggs to make omlettes...or what?

Glad you lost, Krzysztof; but glad you didn't (yet) slide into obscurity.

It's too much fun to watch.

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