Saturday, October 14, 2006

When the walls come tumbling down

While most of the world seems to be most concerned about a strong North Korea, at The Atlantic Online, the often intriguing (and sometimes just plain wacky) mind of Robert D. Kaplan is thinking way ahead (an activity which has not been conspicuous among the current US administration) about the problems posed by the (inevitable? probable?) collapse of Kim Jong Il's regime.

His cheerful closing line: 'It is far too early to tell who ultimately will benefit from a stable and prosperous Mesopotamia, if one should ever emerge. But in the case of Korea, it looks like it will be the Chinese.'

(I don't know Kaplan at all...but with all that complex geopolitical strategising, I get the feeling - just from reading his article - that he's the kind of guy who really - I mean really - enjoys playing Risk. We here at Obscene Desserts, being big fans of strategery ourselves, can sympathise.)

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