Saturday, October 28, 2006

The flowers of intolerance and hatred are blooming kind of early this year...someone's been watering them

And another thing...

As an avid reader of his writing, as a former midwesterner and, additionally, as the grandson of someone who suffered the ravages of Parkinson's: I point you to William Saletan's comments on the 'psychosis' of radio scumbag Rush Limbaugh (who is already on the OD shit-list), particularly with reference to his comments on Michael J. Fox's television ads supporting the Democrats this year.

I know this is a bit behind the curve on this issue...but it came up whilst I was away from my keyboard. But please, people, if you can vote in this election, think very carefully about what would be the more sane choice this year. It is, in most cases, unlikely to mean voting Republican.

But don't listen to me...

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