Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obscene Desserts on the radio

For those of you interested in such things: I will be appearing tomorrow (Wednesday, 17 October) on BBC Radio 4's programme 'Woman's Hour' to talk about my new book, The Most Remarkable Woman in England.

The programme will be available live ('Woman's Hour' is broadcast between 10 and 10.45am GMT) online via the BBC website. If you can't make time to listen live, however, it will be available on the iPlayer soon after broadcast.

Whether that's something that pleases me or I regret depends, I suppose, on how things go....


Francis Sedgemore said...

A good answer to the cheeky final question. Were you forewarned?

John Carter Wood said...

Thanks, Francis. I haven't actually listened to it yet.

That particular question comes up every time I talk about the case, regardless of the context. (In fact, when giving talks about the book, I tend to write a little number on the corner of my notes in which I try to guess how many questions it will take until that question comes up. It's usually within 3, so today's interview was pretty restrained in that regard.)

So: no forewarning necessary.

My usual prepared answer is a bit longer, actually, but as I started speaking, Jenni started doing the 'please gradually wrap it up' signal, so I had to cut it a bit short.

We'll have to meet up the next time I'm in London! This time (and the couple of recent times) have been pretty hectic.