Sunday, September 18, 2011


Yesterday, my hometown major league baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, won their 4,000th victory at Wrigley Field.

Perhaps not the biggest story in the world.

But a chance to play another Mountain Goats song that has not, as of yet, been played here.

'Cubs in Five', the Mountain Goats

"they're gonna find intelligent life up there on the moon
and the Canterbury Tales will shoot up to the top of the best seller list
and stay there for 27 weeks

and the Chicago Cubs will beat every team in the league and the Tampa Bay Bucs will make it all the way to January and I will love you again I will love you, like I used to"


mikeovswinton said...

John, shouldn't you perhaps also have posted "Saturday in the Park" by Chicago? (Got the book back, btw,thanks.)

John Carter Wood said...

I believe that song -- though often played at Wrigley Field -- is about New York's Central Park. Though I could be wrong.

Though thanks for the reminder: it is a great tune.

(Glad it got back OK, and thanks again for the loan. Very helpful, it was.)

Anonymous said...

It is about Central Park by some accounts, but I did think I read one account that suggested it was a response to the Kent State massacre. Chicago's politics were quite radical in the early days and I wonder if they 'moved', shall we say.

Beats the hell out of "I just can't get enough" which is currently played at Bolton games.(Our manager likes it, which is about the only thing I can find to say against him.) They used to play Dion's "The Wanderer" as they came out, which was good. "The Terminator" by the Harry J All Stars has been quite popular at football grounds in England for many, many years.

John Carter Wood said...

Hi Anon,

Oh, god: 'I just can't get enough'?! Which version: Depeche Mode or the Black Eyed Peas?

'Saturday in the Park' is such a relentlessly happy song (in a good way) that I have a hard time associating it with protest.

Like if you were to tell me that 'Shiny Happy People' was about the Iraq war.

But I'm willing to believe that my appreciation for irony is underdeveloped.

Best of luck in getting a better song at your matches...

mikeovswinton said...

Anon = technologically useless Mikeovswinton.

John Carter Wood said...

That's OK Mike: it's the thought that counts.