Monday, June 13, 2011

Palingate cancelled

No, Sarah Palin's emails are not particularly exciting. Well, who would have thought it. Even the Guardian has abandoned its initially hysterical reportage ("Join the fray! Comb the mail! Make the scoop!") and turned to ... I don't know, Glastonbury or whatever. The Syrian man blogger.

The most insightful thing to learn from "The Palin Emails" so far has been her exasperation at the claim that she believed that humans and dinosaurs coexisted at one point in the Earth's history.

Well didn't they - I mean, coexist? Here's a little tune to restore your faith, Sarah (Sorry, I just couldn't help it):


mikeovswinton, still alive n kickin said...

Beats the hell out of them Mountain Goats. I think I'm right in saying that the mighty Dave McMurray played tenor on that. One of Detroit's current finest, and a great live act. Keep it up!

John Carter Wood said...

Careful what you say about TMG, Mike...I've banned people for less.

But I owe you one for that very useful book you sent me (which I'm in the process of returning), so you get a reprieve....