Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh, language!

Read in the window of a Washington nail salon:

"Receptionist need it."

Heard, during boarding, on the plane from Washington to Frankfurt:

"Let me first get situated."


Marcellina said...

I envision a play, made up of these and other phrases. Those two right there make a nice little dialogue.

Frau Mahlzahn said...

Und ich hab' gestern bei der Fechtprüfung "mich erst mal positionieren" müssen, bevor ich loslegen konnte, *ggg*.

(Mag auch mal wieder nach Washington...)

So long,

The Wife said...

@Marcellina: I know, I know - I've been meaning to collect overheard nuggets of worldly wisdom and turn them into a decorative little chain, but somehow don't seem to get round to it ... but then that would yet again confirm my fundamental snobbishness, so I might as well weed the garden instead.

But really, there is so much verbal shit out there .... Electoral campaign slogans are one heck of a treasure trove. A few of years ago the Rhineland-Palatinate conservatives hoped to pick up a few votes with the uplifting line "Besser für die Menschen" ("Better for People").

That's how low political rhetoric has sunk in this country!

Another of our favourites is the slogan for a certain type of industrially made bread, which you only ever find on their lorries: "Echt lecker!"

I mean: That's right enticing, isn't it?

@Frau Mahlzahn: Don't fret - so dolle is Washington ja nun auch wieder nicht.

Jetzt frage ich mich nur, was "Positionieren" beim Fechten bedeutet .... Und spontan habe ich irgendwie Schmerzen in den inneren Oberschenkeln.

Frau Mahlzahn said...

*lol* -- doesn't mean anything at all, just that I was still busy finding the right Fechtposition and holding my Florett correctly, *ggg*. I'm beyond the severe in pain in my legs (and elsewhere in my body) -- but it was a long way...

I like Washington a lot, not as much as Colorado, but still: a lot.

So long,