Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meanwhile, at the London School of Economics ....

It's ironic that as the numerous commentators on the Guttenplag-affair are finally addressing some of the systemic specificities that made the German defence secretary's botched doctorate possible in the first place, we learn about a similar case in a British academic institution of some standing (including the transfer of substantial sums of money).

Surely the honourable Freiherr would have never expected to have things in common with one of Colonel Gaddafi's sons - apart from the penchant for middle-brow popular music (here and here) with which he has tried to procure what he deems to be street-cred in the past.

Maybe we should take this as an omen?

UPDATE: Damn it! Here's me mixing up the offspring of gaga dictators (which is not surprising in this apocalyptic age where the end seems nigh for so many greater and lesser totalitarian regimes). Of course Guttenberg shares a penchant for middle-brow music with Kim Jong-Il's podgy filius. Which makes the whole thing even more ironic!

If anybody says Slowhand now I'll scream!

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