Friday, September 03, 2010

Who reads the readers?

There are, off the top of my head, several hundred things I'd rather do than read Tony Blair's memoir.

This isn't out of any particular dislike for the man; indeed, I find it difficult generating any significant emotion toward him one way or another, at least one strong enough to make me want to wade through more than 600 pages of political prose and...yes, sex scenes.

But I've found it can be very enjoyable to read people who have been reading him, such as this post and ensuing discussion at Blood & Treasure.

In particular, I like the suggestion that the book may reveal Blair's 'hidden shallows'.

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The Wife said...

I'm not one for book-burning, but when an author makes as stupid a statement as "Bono could have been prime minister" ( then one should seriously reconsider the idea of a purge.

You know, statements like this put the whole frigging Cool Britannia bullshit - that is: a part of my yooffulness - in perspective. I remember in them days people were elated. But, my God, what a lot of bollocks it all was, really.