Thursday, August 06, 2009

Not so random associationism

Ohne Worte ... I'm tired and speechless. But somewhere at the back of me head there seems to be a last speck of mental activity left. Which leads me to this:

If you think that XTC stole from the Beatles:

... think again:

Alexandra, "Zigeunerjunge" (1967)

In 1967 they were all doing the tree thing. The tree, I contend, is the essential prop of pre-video musical visuals. I shall, when all this is over (but what the heck is "this"? And will I live to see it "over"?), write a book on the topic of "The Tree is Pop".

In the meantime, you send me your own associations. I will mention you with eternal gratitude in the Acknowledgements.

Yes, I is tired.

PS: Richard Dawkins, if you're reading this: Scrap the endless John Lennon referencing and listen to some XTC!

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