Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Suggestive journalism

Just the title ... just the frigging title!

UPDATE: John (who currently is in Blighty on a secret mission but keeps checking what's going on at the homefront) just informs me that the Mail has changed the headline that had enraged me a trifle. The original version can still be found on their homepage, however:

"Father and Daughter, 8, killed in holiday jeep crash after '4x4 driver is blinded by German during water pistol fight."

"Blinded by German", you see. Not "by a German tourist" or just "blinded during water pistol fight". We want to be right specific here, don't we, just to make sure that the bleeding finest hour will never come to an end (even if we have to defend it with ... water pistols!).


Kris said...

The bright side is that they didn't mention the annexing of the Sudetenland this time. They generally manage to squeeze that in somewhere.

The Wife said...
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The Wife said...

I simply knew that the father of two aspiring über-baby dictators (see your post today) would understand my woes and empathise!