Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Giving credit where it's due

It turns out that, in the face of heavy competition (among others: the Pope, the Westboro ("God Hates Fags") Baptist Church and Chuck Norris), Dinesh D'Souza has won the New Humanist award for being the 'most scurrilous enemy of reason'.

And well deserved it is, if only for his totallyfuckingmoronic claim that the 'cultural left' was 'responsible' for September 11th.

Having seen D'Souza perform live in about 1990, I can confirm that this is certainly worthy as a lifetime achievement award. The man is, truly, an ass.

In this vein, I already have a nominee for this year: Jonah Goldberg, who makes the roughly equally retarded (though historically more long-term) claim that fascism is fundamentally a liberal ideology.

(Quite excellent responses to Goldberg's swill have already been provided by Dave Neiwert, John Holbo and John Scalzi).

In the meantime, though, congratulations Mr. D.

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