Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Away from our desks

We're in London right now, where we'll remain till later in the month, so posting here will be slow. Or maybe even nonexistent. We'll see.

It's not, of course, that there's any shortage of Internet access in London, but spending lots of time in Internet cafes is not really our thing. Besides, there's a whole Real Life out there to be experienced in this city that inspires curiously intense and contradictory feelings of joy and frustration.

The weather has so far been fine, the natives not too hostile and the research is going well.

The prices, however, remain appalling.

Comments on previously written material are, of course, welcome, but it may take a day or so for me to approve them, so please be patient.

And thanks, as ever, for stopping by.


Gwyn said...

Enjoy your stay! I had hoped to be able to attend Anja's paper on Black Dogs today, but sadly work got in the way.


Anonymous said...

When are you coming back Woo. We miss you!