Saturday, June 02, 2007

Arguing against the gods

For a quite intelligent journal, this is quite a singularly stupid opening sentence:
SINCE arguments about God have run for thousands of years, it is a little peculiar to ascribe overwhelming importance to the publication of Darwin's “On the Origin of Species” in 1859.
No, no, and no.

'Arguments about God' may have been going on for 'thousands of years', but it's only comparatively recently that the arguments against have gained real evidential force.

(Just as was the case with the 'arguments'--including many fairly stupid ones--which raged about things such as the causes of disease until the mid nineteenth century.)

Before there was evidence of a round Earth, arguments about a flat one were on an equal footing.

Before evidence emerged of a heliocentric solar system, the geocentric vision was a somewhat reasonable one.

Before there was a convincing naturalistic argument to explain the development of life on this planet, there was a good reason to believe in fairy tales.

But no more.

And Darwin was a significant part of that shift.

So what's so 'peculiar' about recognising that?

Besides which, Mr. Collins seems like a deeply confused man:

Mr Collins has no time for intelligent design but conceives God to be of the non-interfering sort, a kind of divine CCTV camera. Yet he believes that Jesus was His son and he prays regularly.
Oh yes, sounds like a man to give serious attention to....


Mike said...

God, I think, is more of a home video security. He's guidance is far more personal in nature.

J. Carter Wood said... should take guidance from a home video security system? Interesting point. At least in that case, I suppose, we'd have the, ahem, security of knowing that it exists.

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