Thursday, February 01, 2007

The continuing decline in right-wing commentary, part 2

Although I'm on record (repeatedly) as a critic of the more dingbat versions of pomo-left thought, I think Russell Jacoby hits the nail on the head here about the problem with the 'intellectuals' of the right:

And here we get to the pith of contemporary conservatism: It is not pretty. It consists of laboratory-grade hypocrisy and guns. Feigned beliefs that life is sacred and that government should get off your back define the hypocrisy. Starr jokes, "It was important for the baby boomers to secure abortion rights and the right to die — that way, they can kill off their offspring and their aging parents." A good line, but again, what is the upshot? Conservatives protect life and despise war? In a word: no. They salute the Iraq war. They defend torture. They care little for the losers in society. For them, the sanctity of life ends at birth; at least they show little interest in the suffering of the living.

Read the rest here. (Via B&W)

(For me, I must say, it's more the hypocrisy than the guns that irk.)

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